Vacant Home Staging

Dwell is proud to offer varied vacant staging packages customized to the seller’s target market and budget and the home’s design style. While many staging companies simply place some furniture in a home for “staging” or over-design with too many decor elements, Dwell takes a “mini-model home” approach. We create an individual design plan for each property, selecting color schemes and streamlined, cohesive decor that appeals to your individualized target market base.  Staging plans are focused on design selections that will photograph beautifully and make your property memorable and set apart from other homes on market. 

Our Process

A minimum of 6 experts work on each and every stage, totaling over 50 man/woman hours.  This results in gorgeous, buyer-targeted design with tens of thousands of dollars of inventory display in each property.

Our Packages

We offer varying package selections to ensure our clients get a product that aligns with their budget and expectations. From streamlined staging for modest homes to layered, high-end staging for luxury properties and more, we have got you covered.

Our Photography

Professional Photography is included FREE in our Premiere and Luxe (4 or more room) packages, and is optional for our Essentials packages. In a sea of thousands of MLS listings, gorgeous photos are VITAL ( for real. VITAL. ) to getting buyers in the door. Dwell is proud to partner with Tony Sica Photography , the leader in Tampa Bay real estate photography. Dwell will schedule the photo shoot, review the shots to ensure they show your home in its best light, and get the photos to your inbox within 2 business days of the shoot.  Rush photo delivery, video, drone shots, twilight photos, and more are also available.