Before You Stage

Before we stage your property

Some key items you need to know before we stage…. for your safety and sanity, and ours!

Staging vs. Design

Staging is designing a home as a PRODUCT.  Interior Design is designing a home for a PERSON. Our award-winning staging is cultivated by years of interior marketing experience, real estate and buyer psychology knowledge, and over 200 hours of industry continuing education per year.  While we may not select furniture and decor pieces to YOUR taste, rest assured we are carefully curating a stage that will help you SELL FASTER, FOR MORE MONEY. 

Requests to see furnishings prior to staging can’t typically be accommodated without a Design Board fee due to our warehouse inventory schedule, though you can see a VAST array of examples of our work, broken down by style, on our portfolio.  And your Lead Stager is always available to answer any questions about the GENERAL design style or color story of your staging plan!

One Trip Efficiency

We are able to give you the BEST staging design for the BEST value due to our super-efficient staging process.  We spend over 50 man / woman hours prior to your stage carefully selecting each piece and professionally packing, prepping, and loading, all so we can stage your home quickly and efficiently, get our photographer in to shoot, and GET YOU ON MARKET!

As we are SO CONFIDENT our super staging design is going to help you SELL FASTER, FOR MORE, we cannot return to the property to change out aspects of the design without a return fee charge.   

Property Prep

To ensure we stage timely and safely, mitigate product damage, and get you on market as quickly as possible, we need the following from you:

• Copy of house key at our preview or left for us on staging day.  We will install a manual lock box and give you the code. Lock box must be kept on site until we remove it on destage day.

• A clean home – professionally cleaned is best, and this must be complete (floors dry, cleaners off-site) before we stage.

• All repairs and renovations complete and all workers / vendors off-site during staging.  

• Cleared driveway with room for our 26 foot truck

• Pre-arrangement of loading logistics for condos and apartments

• If the above items aren’t complete when we arrive for staging, we might not be able to stage and a return fee (outlined in contract) will be assessed.