Home Staging Costs in FL

How much does staging cost? 

First, staging is not a cost, it’s an INVESTMENT. Very, very rarely do our sellers not MAKE MONEY by staging with Dwell. Picture the money you invest in staging as being deposited in the bank or a low-risk investment account. You’re putting it “aside” so it can GROW. 

How much money can I make by staging my home?

You can make a lot. Like, thousands of dollars. ​According to a recent study of 4,200 homes by the Home Staging Resource.

85% of homes sell for 6%-25% MORE than their un-staged neighbors. On a $500,000 home, this equates to (10%) $50,000!​ Not to mention, your home will spend FAR LESS TIME ON MARKET. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, Staged homes sell 73% faster than their un-staged counterparts. 

What is my pricing investment with Dwell?

Your pricing investment is determined by 4 factors:

1.  The square footage of the home
2. The price point of the home
3.  How many rooms/areas you need staged
​4.  The staging package you select

This price reflects all the costs associated with our staging:

1.  Labor: about half of our 13-person team will work on your stage at some point.  Previewing, quoting, scheduling, meeting as a design team, booking the photographer, selecting / pulling / packing your inventory, loading the truck, driving to the staging site, unloading the truck, unpacking the inventory, placing and arranging furniture, placing / hanging / styling all rugs / artwork / furniture / lamps / beds / shower curtains / towels / table settings / greenery / decor, light cleaning of our inventory and your floors, packing up bins and unused staging items, reloading the truck, driving back to the warehouse, unloading the truck, restocking unused inventory, reviewing and sending professional photos, professional photography costs, scheduling the de-stage, returning to staging site, packing up inventory, loading the truck, driving back to the warehouse, unloading the truck, unpacking inventory, restocking inventory, updating our inventory records…… PHEW!  That’s a lot of labor!

2.  Rental of Staging Inventory: we have the largest staging inventory in our market and replenish it monthly…sometimes weekly!  We spend about $400,000 per year on staging inventory.  The average 5 room stage holds about $50,000 in staging items.

3. Truck, travel, and gas costs: plus truck upkeep and maintenance. 

4. Other business overhead: such as lease of our 13,000 sf warehouse and office, over 300 hours per year in continuing industry education for our team, administrative costs, inventory maintenance and upkeep, warehousing racking and storage systems, liability insurance, workman’s compensation, payroll services and taxes, and more!

Typical Staging Investment Range for a 4 or 5 room, 60 day stage:

Below reflects broad pricing ranges to give a general idea of staging costs and cannot be used as official pricing.  Pricing may be  higher or lower based on number of rooms staged, staging package selected, price point and square footage of home. Note: condos and apartments require an additional fee for extra time and labor needed. 


Smaller homes with lower price ranges


Smaller homes with high price ranges

Medium sized homes with mid-price ranges

Larger homes with lower price ranges

$6000 and higher:

Medium sized homes with high price ranges

​Larger homes with mid-high price ranges